Self Data Cities Playbook

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  • Publication: avril 2019
  • Autors: Manon Molins, Chloé Friedlander, Guillaume Jacquart, Fanny Maurel // Sarah Medjek for MyData France.
  • Translation: Jianne Whelton
  • Graphics and layout: Mathieu Drouet
  • Pdf 15,6 Mo – 103 pages
  • CC BY 4.0
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“In urban contexts where services based on personal data are legion, and yet cities and citizens obtain little in the way of value from them, a Self Data approach might very well turn the tables — not only because it seeks to protect people’s privacy, although that is crucial, but largely because it is sustained by individual and collective empowerment through data use.” Self Data Cities Toolkit, Fing, 2019.

For the past year, Fing has been working with three major French cities — Nantes Métropole, (the energy transition), La Rochelle (sustainable mobility), and Greater Lyon (social welfare) — to enable them to implement a Self Data experiment of their own as early as 2020. This playbook is the fruit of our work together. Its central objective is to put Fing methods into the hands of other metropolitan areas looking to dive into Self Data, so they can do so feeling suitably equipped. In this kit you will find:


  • An introduction to the notion of Self Data — sharing personal data with the individuals they pertain to — and the major issues that Self Data implies for cities;
  • An analysis of the relevant governance models when considering how to share personal data with individuals;
  • A survey of cities efforts to share data, including some examples to draw inspiration from (and some to avoid);
  • Illustrated methodologies you can use to implement a Self Data initiative in your region (plus examples drawn from our work with Nantes Métropole, La Rochelle and Greater Lyon): identify the relevant personal data, imagine use cases that utilize these data, look towards governance models to frame your use cases, and select your experimental scenario(s);
  • Some recommendations and advices born of our experience working with Self Data since 2011, which we would have loved to have ourselves when we first started experimenting with Self Data at Fing.


Happy experimenting with Self Data in your region!